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  • What is repurposed wood?
    In our city we are able to call the local waste management service and schedule a "bulky item pickup." On trash day you may see refrigerators, tables and chairs, or any other item that are too big to fit into the trash receptacle. Repurposed wood is old bookcases, shelves and other wood furniture that others have discarded. I "rescue" the wood from the street and reuse it. When I pick up a piece of wood furniture I take it apart, plane off the old finish, cut down the wood, sand it, and use it to make many of the items you see here. It is not only old wood furniture that I rescue off the street. My son and I recently rebuilt the staircase going down to our basement. We had to cut triangle shaped pieces of wood out of the stringers so that we could rest the treads in place. I took those triangle pieces of scrap, ran them through a joiner, glued them together in pairs to make them square again, and will use them to make the cabs for the pickup trucks I will soon be making. The more wood we repurpose for other projects, the less trees that are cut down.
  • What type of finish do you use?
    I finish the children's toys with a natural product that is used in food manufacturing. The same finish that makes jellybeans shinny is what makes these wood toys shinny. The product is called Shellac, and it has been around for years. Most the other wood gifts I make are finished in Danish Oil. It seals the wood while leaving a natural look and feel.
  • Where did you learn how to make things with wood?
    I learned woodworking in High School. There was a time when you could learn a trade in High School. The school offered masonry, graphic arts, auto mechanics, and woodworking. Ever since then I have been interested in woodworking.
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